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Grout Sealer

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Grout Sealer

Grout Sealer - Trong nhà

Grout Sealer is a revolutionary waterborne hard acrylic polymer finish.  Grout Sealer provides a clear, transparent, non-silicone water repellent coating that will enhance and protect the appearance your grout.  The hard film is resistive to water damage, disfigurement by airborne pollutants and its water repellent properties are supplemented by a highly effective biocide to inhibit the growth of fungi, algae and lichens.  Grout Sealer is both trafficable and highly resistant to UV light.
Features & Benefits
Water repellent
Safe and easy to use
Stain resistant
UV stable
Biocide protected
Clear satin to gloss finish
Suitable for foot traffic
Areas of Use
Living areas

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