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Pond Sealer Colour

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Weight: 20.5 Kg
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Pond Sealer Colour

Sơn chống thấm Pond Sealer Colour - Sân vườn

Pond Sealer Colours is a seamless membrane, designed for waterproofing new or renovated fish ponds and water features. Consisting of a heavy-duty synthetic rubber compound, Pond Sealer Colours is a tough elastomeric material that will remain watertight under permanently wet conditions. Available in Black, Blue and Sandstone.
Features & Benefits
Remains permanently elastic to accommodate structural movements
Non-toxic and safe for fish and plants
Suitable for use in collecting or storing drinking water
Safe and easy to apply
Excellent adhesion to substrates
Quick drying
Good crack bridging properties
Easy to repair
Areas of Use
Fish ponds
Ornamental water features

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