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Enhance Penetrating

Số lần xem: 1911
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Enhance Penetrating

Enhance Penetrating is a highly water repellent treatment that penetrates deep into surfaces to cure and impede the passage of moisture. Enhance Penetrating reacts with soluble salts in cementitious surfaces to block capillaries whilst still allowing the substrate to release retained moisture, i.e. breathe.
Features & Benefits
1. Penetrating treatment
2. Allows area treated to “breathe”
3. “Invisible” protection
4. Does not increase slipperiness of surface
5. Enhances life of pavers and serviceability
6. Suppresses efflorescence (white salts)
7. Reduces spalling by minimising water penetration
Areas of Use
1. Clay brick
2. Concrete pavers
3. Stencilled concrete
4. Concrete and concrete block
5. In-situ concrete and reconstituted stone paving
6. Natural stone
7. Exposed aggregate panels
8. Reconstituted limestone

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